Granite Repair

Many advantages exist when having granite countertops to complement the true beauty of your kitchen area. Touted and recognized for being extremely attractive and equally sturdy, the unfortunate occurrences of chipping, cracking, and/or breaking have been known to happen on occasion. Our granite repair services are excellent, and they cover the spectrum when it comes to restoration: whether looking for minor repairs, major resurfacing or anything else in between, our years of experience and expertise with all aspects of the material are second-to-none.

Our polishing and honing process for new installations is designed to give your countertops the kind of vitality that will enhance the deep sleekness of your backdrop. It’s important to note that every two-to-three years or so, the granite finish will wear down and be susceptible to various types of stains, which also includes hard water spots. Here at Kitchen Medic, we recommend having your granite countertops inspected and revamped every three years to avoid further damage.

For countertops in need of minor repairs, Kitchen Medic also specializes in lippage removal. Sometimes the edges on the lips of the counter can be uneven or not completely flat. We use specialized tools to flatten problem areas, reseal them and make them look as good as new.

Granite countertops that are prone to cracking, chipping, or getting scratched can be repaired seamlessly. One of the main reasons why these things happen (usually over time) is because the sealant wears away. After taking care of the necessary repairs, we suggest having your countertops resealed, as per standard industry recommendations.

When it comes to severed or broken pieces of granite, our restoration process involves a few different steps that include securing the detached areas and fragments as well. Our adhesives are quick-bonding and reliable; within a few hours’ time, nobody will be able to tell the difference. Although this is a meticulous undertaking, having your kitchen counters looking flawless is well worth the small investment.

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