Grout Cleaning

Tile grout obviously serves the purpose of holding your tiles in place, yet it also provides an aesthetic contrast, that is, when it’s clean. Kitchen Medic’s grout cleaning services are designed to restore all areas of the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen, but also your entry ways or anywhere else that endures considerable amounts of foot traffic. Swimming pools are also subject to grout work fading and collecting dirt on a year-round basis, which can be difficult to keep clean.

If any of the above areas in your home are in need of a good cleaning, we’ll be able to restore that brand new look in a timely fashion. In extreme cases where your grouted areas need a complete overhaul, our reasonably priced replacement techniques can make your grout-work look like it should.

Kitchen countertops can be exposed to a variety of elements capable of staining your grout, or in most cases, acquiring collective build-up. Not only will these affected areas begin to look unsightly, the germs contained within can pose a risk to your health. While sanitizing your kitchen area remains a number one priority, having your grout cleaned professionally from time to time is recommended. We add an extra coat of sealant, which has been proven to keep your grouted areas in the kitchen looking unfettered for longer periods of time.

Because of the fact that bathroom shower areas can take a daily beating, the grout can become soiled in a hurry. We use the same method to protect your grout with an extra coat of sealant before giving it a thorough cleaning, and we also pay special attention the problem areas as well.

The flooring in your pantry and entry ways sometimes requires a different method; often times we’ll use a floor machine to buffer the entire area before attacking the grout by hand. No matter the case, your grout will once again complement whichever tile work you have in your home.

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