One Day Kitchen Revival

Yes, it’s true! In just one day’s time, we can completely transform and revitalize your kitchen, which involves an eight-step wood reconditioning process. Over time, grease, dirt, and smoke can leave a filmy buildup on your stovetop, oven, and range, and your cabinets can take a beating as well. Because you use your kitchen most every day, it’s sometimes hard notice these changes as they happen.

First off, we’ll clean all of your affected areas thoroughly; then we’ll be able to inject some life back into your cabinets and restore the discolored spots, thus making them look like new again. We’ll also be able to adjust or replace your counter drawers and doors as well. If your hinges and fittings are worn down, we’ll either restore them or install brand new ones.

The last step entails applying a top coat finish that is fortified with the strongest of polyurethane sealants. This final step will add extra shine to your kitchen that should last for years to come with proper maintenance.

Kitchen Medic can also add a few extras that may come in handy. Your existing cabinetry, once restored, will look as good as new, yet you’ll still have the same basic setup in terms of overall space. Lately we’ve been implementing a popular addition to a number of our clients’ kitchens and they’ve actually called to thank us for making the suggestion: having custom pull-out trays added to their cabinets. Storing and accessing a number of commonly used items in your kitchen can become much easier, not to mention that if you need a little extra room when you’re preparing food, these retractable trays can be real lifesavers.

All of these services can be completed within in one day. Most kitchen remodeling jobs require a lot more time to finish, yet we’ve been able to devise a system that is fast and efficient for those who can’t possibly manage the extra time. Ask us about it and we’ll be happy to fill you in on the details.

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