Tile Repair

No matter the type of tile-work you have in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in your home, Kitchen Medic will either repair or replace any broken tiles you may have: ceramic, stone, porcelain, or any other material on the market can be replicated and/or restored and looking like new again.

Tile sizes can range from mere millimeters to square feet. While most countertop tiles fall somewhere in between, our warehouse is fully stocked with a variety of tile shapes and sizes. If we don’t carry it, we’ll pick up the shipping expense through our expedited delivery service.

Flat surface kitchen countertop tiles are usually strong enough to last for years, yet corner moldings can tell an entirely different story. Because of how they’re situated, the wear-and-tear factor can often lead to cracking and/or breaking. Our tile repair experts will be able to eradicate this problem in no time at all. We use bonding agents that extend beyond the backside of the tiles to ensure a snug fit that will last for years, while the surrounding grout will help to keep them in place.

Kitchen Medic also applies the same method to bathroom countertops and shower tiles as well. Although the original tile-work is set with a solid foundation in most cases, moisture and condensation can wreak havoc on your shower tiles over time; we’ve seen many cases where the tiles actually fall off, thus exposing the undercoating. The surrounding tiles will likely start to follow suit, which is why we suggest taking care of the problem before it gets worse.

If you own an outdoor swimming pool, the same method applies. Kitchen Medic will be able to repair or replace any affected tile areas with our specialized grout and bonding agents that are used to seal naval vessels. If any of the above circumstances are occurring in your humble abode, give us a call and we’ll set you up with a guaranteed free estimate.

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