Insurance Build Back

The term build back refers to the restoration process clause entailed in many homeowners’ insurance policies. Disasters both big and small can occur without warning and cause an unforeseen ripple-effect that can carry over and make life miserable for those who’ve been victimized. Here at Kitchen Medic, we’ve seen our share of unfortunate events disrupting the lives of many families, and we’re here to let you know how to take advantage of the services provided in your policy, which will allow your life to get back to normal quicker than expected.

Photos provide the best proof; it’s a good idea to take a series of pictures covering the inside and outlying areas of your home, pre-disaster. Immediately following the unfortunate event of any and all disaster-related structural damages incurred, taking another series of photos proving the difference can pay off when it comes time to deal with your insurance company. While many providers may take their time during the damage assessment phase, presenting visual proof and other pertinent documentation can possibly help to expedite the claim.

Even though settling the claim may take some time, our staff at Kitchen Medic will begin working immediately on restoring your home. Chances are, your out-of-pocket costs will pale in comparison to the total amount; we’ll work with you and your provider concerning itemized expenses while your dwelling undergoes restoration. We understand fully that you have many other things to worry about, and being concerned about extra added repair expenses shouldn’t be one of them.

We’ve handled all types of claims, from water and/or fire damage to earthquake destruction. No matter the case, we’re here to help get you back on your feet again and standing on solid ground. We truly hope this never happens, but if it does, our team at Kitchen Medic is standing by.

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